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Why web design is so important in e-commerce?

Why web design is so important in e-commerce?

We’ve all been there – searching for products, only to land on a poorly designed e-commerce site. It’s off-putting and we’ll often go back to search results and choose another business instead.

As a customer, you want a website to draw you in and be easy to navigate. As a business, you want your customers to spend time browsing your products and be able to make purchases easily. As such, how your website is designed should be on your radar. It’s important for the following reasons:

It catches the eye

You’ve got to win customers over quickly. It’s likely there are thousands of other businesses offering similar products or services to you. How can you stand out? What’s your USP? The right design will allow you to catch an audience with just the right about of detail above the fold. This includes what the sites about and where they are supposed to go next. 

You should consider web design at least as important as your marketing efforts, as in the age of internet shopping, it’ll often be the first impression your business makes.

You can integrate all information well

Not all of the information on your site will be entertaining or engaging. As an e-commerce site, there’s essential details you need to include, even if they are a bit boring. This includes things like delivery details, information on returns and terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions may help resolve problems in your favour should they arise. Not only should they be worded well, but they should be easily found – although not the focus of any page. That’s what great web design can offer you.

It allows you to consider user experience (UX)

A customer can land on your e-commerce site at any stage of the buying journey. They might have received a marketing email and been drawn in by a product offer or they might have stumbled across your site by accident.

Make sure you consider how your website looks on a mobile too. More and more shoppers are using their phones to make purchases – even high-value ones.


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