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Mobile App is important for E-Commerce Store

Mobile app

Mobile App is important for E-Commerce Store

Lately, mobile users have exploded around the world. They find the idea of easier, convenient e-shopping fascinating. As per a Statista report, the business value of worldwide m-commerce will reach $460 billion in 2018 and 700 billion in 2019.

Besides, the same report forecasts a rise of mobile retail commerce sales equated to all e-commerce market from 35 to almost 40% in 2018 and claims that in 2021 m-commerce will be more than 50% of entire e-commerce sphere.

Why Do Users Prefer Mobile Apps Over Mobile Websites?

The following are some reasons why mobile apps are replacing mobile websites:

  • Apps are dedicated and make it easier for users to do what they need to do as compared to doing it on a mobile web browser or even on desktop.
  • Apps can easily utilize the features of the device it is on. This includes the camera, GPS and Bluetooth. With mobile apps, a lot of processes have been made automatic, especially with checkout and payments. You can also simply scan your credit card with your phone’s camera instead of having to key in the numbers. E-commerce apps are also being integrated to wearable devices and this will further make mobile websites obsolete.
  • Some apps can be used offline. Although some resources take up space in your storage (including the app itself), it’s far more convenient this way rather than having to connect to the Internet for everything.
  • Apps load quickly and users do not have to go through the arduous process of opening the web browser, typing in the URL, and waiting for the page to load. It’s definitely easier to just click the app’s icon.
  • Some mobile websites are not compatible with mobile web browsers and can be quite troublesome to use. It is also far easier to navigate using mobile apps.

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